Poinsettias for Winter Colour

by Norma Edwards

poinsettia 1

For those of us who like fire engine red in the winter garden, you can’t beat Poinsettia (now Euphorbia pulcherrima) with its huge red bracts. Reliable, easy to grow; and easy to propagate from short cuttings into the soil after pruning. An old-fashioned plant which used to grow to 2-3 m. I bought a pot plant about 20 years ago which had somehow been made to flower and sell at Christmas, apparently a dwarf cultivar, as when planted into the garden it only grows to about 1.5 m, if given an annual heavy pruning after flowering.The flower heads can be up to 30 cm across. The photo on the left shows a cutting flowering for the first time.  Quite unexpectantly, I found that as a cut flower it lasted for several weeks.

poinsettia 2

 The pale yellow cultivar, “Lemon Drop” (at left) does well in the garden. White and pink forms are also available, as are double forms. The books say that a coastal frost-free garden is needed. They like lots of sun.


Poinsettia has been the floral emblem of Brisbane City since 1925.




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