My Garden - Frenchs Forest

by Edna Cossill
Garden Photo
I have lived in this garden for about 25 years now and it keeps changing. 
I have always been passionate about Bromeliads and have quite a collection which I use as under planting for palms and shrubs.  Hoyas are another favourite, I have a couple growing up my Agonis flexuosa, or my Bromeliad Tree as I call it, and they flower quite well.  I also have quite a few in hanging baskets on the patio where they thrive. 

Garden Photo
My latest craze is for clumping Bamboos and I have 3 coming along well.  The Purple Jade Bamboo is now 10 feet high and weeping beautifully.  I must admit the speed of its growth is amazing.  I do keep my Black Bamboo in a pot.Garden Photo
Orchids are another love, I have put quite a few on trees and tree fern trunks.  Brassias, native Dendrobiums, Soft Cane Dendrobiums, Oncidiums and others are used this way.   Large leaf plants are also an obsession and I collect them too.
My block does get quite cold in winter so I have got to be careful where I place plants and cannot grow any that won't live below 10 degrees C.  Brugmansia are another well loved shrub and I find their perfume wonderful as it covers the whole area.

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