Medinella magnifica and Medinella multiflora

by Norma Edwards

After seeing Medinilla magnifica flowering in Queensland some years ago I liked the idea of trying it in Sydney, but it was not easy to find. I did get hold of a few plants that were said to be M. magnifica, but lost two or three. One survivor has done well and flowered, but  I think it is M. multiflora. However, on our last trip, at “Palms for Brisbane” we found  a true Medinilla magnifica. This January it has flowered for the first time.Medinilla magnifica has a showy inflorescence held beneath large pink bracts. 

Growing in an adjoining pot, M. multiflora is flowering at the same time, but with insignificant bracts. Observing the two plants I can see distinct differences. M. multiflora has three large leaves grouped at each node, and the stem is somewhat rounded, unlike M. magnifica in which leaves are in opposing pairs, and the stem is square. Individual flowers are larger in M. magnifica and have five petals, while our M. multiflora has only four petals.



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