Clerodendrum wallichii (syn C. nutans)

Clerodendron wallichi

Clerodendron nutans is a very attractive small shrub growing to about 1 - 2 metres in height.
This tropical plant coms from NE India and has shiny dark green quilted lanceolate leaves and showy clusters of pendulous creamy white flowers with long stamens, in warmer climates the flowers are followed by small purple berries.  Clerodendrum wallichi

Common names for this plant are Nodding Clerodendrum or Bridal Clerodendrum.
We have been growing this plant for many years and look forward to the autumn flowering each year.  We have two plants, one growing in full shade, the other getting morning sun and both plants  are doing equally well.  The plant is deciduous in most parts of Sydney and needs light pruning in spring as the new growing buds appear.

Clerodendrum nutans strikes esily from cuttings in spring and summer.  The only pest we have found is from small snails which attack the leaves.
The addition of this plant to your garden is well worthwhile both for its foliage and lovely flowers.

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